Broken Link Checker Tool

FeedBack #10, By: BlueSky

Hey there! So I tried out that Dead Broken Link Checker thingy you mentioned, and it's pretty cool! It's super easy to use, which is awesome because I'm not a tech wizard or anything. Just popped in my website, and bam, it showed me all the broken links.


But, you know, it would be even better if it had some sort of guide or tips on how to fix those broken links. I mean, finding them is great, but I'm kinda clueless on what to do next. Also, it would be cool if it could check more than just links, like maybe if pictures aren't loading right or something.


Oh, and another thing, it would be handy if it could check my site regularly without me having to remember to do it. Like, if it could send me a little reminder or something when it's time to check again, that would be super helpful.


Overall, I think it's a pretty nifty tool, but a few tweaks here and there could make it even better!

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The Broken Link Checker stands as a beacon for website custodians, casting a light on the shadowy corners where broken links lurk. Its user-centric design is a breath of fresh air, enabling even the most novice of users to navigate its depths with ease...

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Hey! So I've been playing around with that Dead Broken Link Checker you told me about, and it's pretty neat! It's super simple to use, which is great for someone like me who isn't a tech genius. I just put in my website, and it showed me all the places...

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