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FeedBack #33, By: SilverFox

Hey Dead Link Checker,


Just dropping a note to say a huge thank you for your fantastic tool! The Dead Link Checker has been a lifesaver, uncovering hidden broken links and image URLs that I wasn't even aware of. Your tool is a true asset to anyone serious about maintaining their website.


The scheduled scans are a dream come true, automatically keeping my site in check so I don't have to worry about falling behind. This feature is a testament to your commitment to user convenience and efficiency.


I do have one suggestion that could take your tool to the next level: could it perhaps offer step-by-step repair instructions for each broken link it detects? This addition would not only diagnose problems but also help solve them, making it an even more comprehensive maintenance tool.


Thank you again for all your hard work. The Dead Link Checker is close to perfect, and with just a bit more functionality, it could be the go-to tool for website owners everywhere!




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Dear Broken Link Checker Team,

I wanted to send a quick note to express my gratitude for your excellent tool, the Broken Link Checker. It's been an invaluable ally in my quest to maintain a clean and efficient website, shedding light on all thos...

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Hello Broken Link Checker Team,


I’m reaching out to express my heartfelt thanks for your stellar tool, the Broken Link Checker. It’s been nothing short of a revelation for my website, spotlighting hidden broken links an...

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