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FeedBack #35, By: OceanBreeze

Hey Dead Link Checker Team,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks! I’m pretty new to all this website stuff, and your Dead Link Checker has been a huge help. It’s like having a smart friend who points out all the broken links and missing images that I didn’t even know were problems.

I really love the scheduled scans feature. It’s like the tool checks my site for me so I don’t have to worry about remembering to do it myself. Super helpful for someone like me who's just getting the hang of managing a website.

I was thinking, maybe you could add some simple, step-by-step instructions on how to fix the broken links it finds? That would be awesome for newbies like me who aren’t sure what to do next.

Thanks a ton for making something so useful. With a little more guidance, it could be even more newbie-friendly!


Take care,


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Hello Broken Link Checker Team,


I’m reaching out to express my heartfelt thanks for your stellar tool, the Broken Link Checker. It’s been nothing short of a revelation for my website, spotlighting hidden broken links an...

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I just want to send a huge shoutout and a big thank you for your amazing tool, the Broken Link Checker! I’ve been using it for a while now, and it has made such a positive impact on maintaining my website. Discovering and fixing broken links has ...

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